Wednesday, December 4, 2013

JOY to the world!!!

Hello loves. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday last week. I am loving the holiday season and I am really getting in to the baking and crafting spirit. I've been putting up decorations, mostly what I have from previous years (still no Christmas tree), but every year I do like to make something new to change things up a bit. So I whipped up a cute little "JOY" sign over the weekend. Easy Peasy. I am hoping to make a peace sign too for the door. All you need is wire, garland, lights, twine to hang, and some pliers. Here it is. Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos:-)

And as for the Christmas tree...we want to go itty bitty this year and I am totally inspired by these cuties.

I also took photos of these two beauties over the weekend.

This sweet girl is pure JOY!

Um, and how cute are her shoes?!


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