Sunday, December 19, 2010


Joel McHale has some serious good design taste...or at least his wife does. The December issue of InStyle featured their Hollywood Hills home and it was such a pleasant surprise (1. to see his home 2. to see that he is married with kids). Where does this amazing design taste come from? Turns out his wife, Sarah Williams, is an interior designer. Duh! I mean, funny people aren't suppose to know how to decorate too. That's too much talent for one person to handle right? haha. Anyway, their home is go-gorgeous and I love everything about it. How cozy is their living room? I am obsessed with the wall paper on the cieling...and the sun burst, LOVE!!! :-) {Click on each photo to enlarge if you would like to read article}

I hope everyone is enjoying this lazy super rainy's suppose to continue raining for several days. Please please stop by Christmas eve...rain on Christmas is no fun, maybe snow...yes yes please snow ;-)



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