Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Herringbone Love!!

I am obsessed with herringbone wood floors. Maybe because they remind me of an apartment in Paris (oh, how I love anything Parisian). Herringbone floors have been a long time traditional floor pattern in Europe. It can be installed using several different designs, with or without the border. Popular variation of the herringbone, called Chevron or French Herringbone is prominent in many European Chateaus. Oooh, this takes me back to Paris (been dreaming about Paris a lot lately). What I love most about this style is that it's very charming and not typical of the wood floors that all of the new cookie-cutter houses come with now a days (i.e. black wood floors...sorry for those of you who have these, nice just not my style). I love floors that are scuffed already from years of use, with different textures and tones...and where I wouldn't be forced to take off my shoes to enter the house so I won't mark the floors with my heels (my pet peeve, argh). Enjoy the inspiration :-)

Here is a gorgeous pattern with different tones and textures...gorgeous!!!

{found at}

{Peter Hutton apartment via Washington Spaces}

{Nate Berkus}

{Erin Fetherston Paris Apartment}

(Robert Gervais}

{Alvhem Makleri Interior}

{found at}

{via The Paris Apartment}

{found at}



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