Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photographer(s) crush...Mr. and Mrs. Globe Trot

WOW!!!! I just discovered THIS blog...and am so obsessed with it. Not only are they amazing photographers, but they have a passion for travel (my perfect combination) and decided to explore the WORLD for 6 months immediately after their Fall 2010 nuptials (uh, they planned a wedding and a little 6 month vacation at the same time? Insanely incredible!). In a short time, they have been to Hungary, France, Italy, England, Ukraine, Austria, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Thailand, Hong Kong...Oh MY, I'm tired just listing all of those places, and I am sure I am missing some. How amazing is that? They are Julia and Yuriy Manchik and they are the cutest couple (gorgeous actually) and I just love love love how they capture the beauty of each culture. The people. The food. The fashion. The history. Here are only some of their photos (ALL taken by them), but you MUST check out their journey at their blog...Mr. and Mrs. Globe Trot (ugh, even the blog name is flippin adorable).








{EVERY picture is taken by Julia and Yuriy...AWESOME HUH?}

I am now inspired to share more photos of my travels, so stay tuned:-) And can't wait to visit some of these amazing places as well.



P.S. Julia also has another blog, which of course is on hold as they travel the world, but it's so worth checking out. She is so creative. Take a look HERE.

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