Monday, February 14, 2011

High on Love...and Sweets

It's Valentine Day (well night now)...busy with work all day. But wanted to share what made my day a little sweeter today. Was over at the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog and loved how perfectly these caramel candies came out when Emily made them, so I decided to try them.

Um, not so great. Well, actually the taste was very yummy, but I ended up with this....

Not sure what happen, but the caramel did not harden enough to cut out candy pieces so I poured the caramel in these cute jars. Works too, right?

So then I figured, I would make another batch of caramel "spread" and give to my dear friends in cute jars with these tags I made...

Here is a quickie on how I made them

I cut out tags...

Stamped with a sweet message

Added some hugs, kisses, and love

added the string....and Voila!!!

SO...then I make my other batch of caramel "spread." And, oh, came out right this time (darn). ok so plan B (out go my cute jars)...cut into small pieces and...

wrap in these gold candy wrappers.

I tried stuffing them in the jars (really wanted to use the jars) but that didn't work, so I just tied 4 pieces together...and there you go, a small thoughtful homemade sweet treat :-)

If you want to experiment and make caramel candy or spread (I think you cook it less to make spread, don't let it come to a boil for too long, actually very delicious with toast) find the recipe HERE.

Hope everyone had a lovely valentine's day



{I found the rock in the first photo like 10 years ago as I was hiking, and among thousands of other rocks I look down and see this one...perfect heart. Then carried it like for 3 hours because I didn't want to lose it. I gave it to my mom because she loves rocks}

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  1. Happy Belated V-day to you and Peter! Where's my candy? lol ;)