Thursday, September 22, 2011

All About the Furry Friends...Awesome Photography and a Good Cause

Let me introduce to you the best furry friend photographer....Seth Casteel of Little Friends Photo. His photos are so vibrant and he really captures the beauty and uniqueness of each animal he photographs.

Seth and his best friend Nala....what a cutie, and the pup too ;-)

Some more of his them.

Ok, so this is what I am super excited about. Seth not only takes amazing photos of animals who are already living the good life with their masters...but he has gone above and beyond to make sure that homeless dogs (and cats too) get to live the good life too, and wants others involved as well.
Second Chance Photos is about giving shelter pups a second chance.

Have you ever seen the pictures that are taken at the shelters?? They are so sad, the poor doggies look so afraid, with no personality, shivering in their kennel. So, with Second Chance Photo, volunteers (amateur and professional photographers, or anybody with a good camera) connect with local shelters and take photos of the animals really showcasing their personalities and smiles :-)

Check out this before and after. What a difference. {photo from second chance photo, but borrowed from}

More happy pups...look at all of those smiles. Melts my heart.

I definitely want to be part of this and I hope you are all inspired too (my fellow bloggers with good cameras, get on this, you know you want to) Check out the website HERE for tips on how to get started as well as a guide to good photo shoots and editing.
{all photos taken by Seth for}
You can find LittleFriendsPhoto on Facebook and twitter, too.




  1. oh my gosh this is the sweetest thing ever! i just want to adopt them all. this might be the perfect thing for me to get involved in :) thanks for sharing + please share your pics if you help out, i'd love to see them.

  2. Yes isnt it perfect? You do the same, would love to see photos that others take for this cause. And spread the word on your blog too :-) xoxo

  3. Oh how these dogs melt my heart! I love dogs and have had two, both of which have passed away. I couldn't have loved them anymore and I miss them terribly. Sigh...I still cry when I think about them.

    I always said my dog smiled and even talked to me. She used to come up to me and click her teeth when she wanted to go outside. She would even look towards the door. LOL LOL

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