Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Tuesday Inspiration

I can spend hours just flipping through interior design magazines and pictures on-line. Today, I found these and was totally inspired. Enjoy.

I absolutely love the warm tones of this room. I'm obsessed.

I love and want everything in this room. The color combinations is gorg. It's so glamorous to me, but yet masculine. And check out the flooring. Perfection. {via vivafullhouse}

Wow!!! This outdoor space is so cool...but I wonder how long I would be able to hang out here before I start hallucinating stripes haha {via sadieandstella}

I think this is a display for a store (um, security knob doesn't give it away) but I think it's totally cute, chic, rustic and modern all in one. Love!! {via thinkdecor}

Wowsers!!! What an awesome bathroom...hers and hers sinks (one for my hands other for my face). Ok ok, I guess I would be nice enough to share with peter...maybe ;-){source unknown}

How cozy is this room?? Loving all of the rugs, they really complete the room. {via Pinterest}

Anything inspiring you today??




  1. Just the painting of my kitchen chairs and the base of my table. LOL LOL

    I wish I could just walk into a room ready made with nothing to do except browse through magazines. Sounds like the life to me!


  2. i'm in love with every single interior you posted. gorgeous!