Monday, September 12, 2011

Itty Bitty Before & After...& My Office Wall

My aunt was about to throw this old lamp of hers away, but in searching for a lamp for my office with no success, I figured I'd give it a mini makeover and hope it would fit well against my light mint green wall. So here it is...



I went with orange and white because I love (actually obsessed with) orange right now and I love the orange and minty green color combo. It was actually a pain in the toosh to paint because of base not being smooth, but I thought the chevron pattern would look interesting on this base. I'm happy with it :-)

And my frames were finally put up in my office. Ignore that ugly chair (I don't get to replace it, blah) I had to spruce it up with a burnt orange (fav color for Fall) and a shawl. The frames all hold photos that I have taken of my travels. They really personalize the room and cozy it up. And yes, that is where I sit and wave my little wand and make everyone's problems magically go away, because it's just that easy...right?

Have a beautiful week.




  1. Is that the same lamp? No...I don't believe it! You did a fantastic job on that lamp( I'm not an orange fan but it looks terrific!) Also, even though the chair has to stay, dressing it up with the shawl and orange pillow give it a wonderful splash of color.

    Btw: How did you fare at Target (Missioni) I heard one store sold out completely!