Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Art wall...again.

Soo I recently gave my art wall a little oomph. Remember my wall before? Posted about it here along with inspiration. It was lovely, but so so plain Jane compared to now.

So here it is before:

And here it is now:

So I used a lot of the same art, same poem Peter wrote me, some Rorschach and cherry blossom art I painted a while back, new little details, same pillow on the sofa as before (ha, really need a new pillow), different plant because the one from the "before" picture is now dead (RIP little beautiful plant) and as you can see, the plant from the "now" photo is on it's way there too...damn it, I just don't have a green thumb.

The main reason I re-did the art wall was because I finally framed Peter's championship belt and wanted to hang it. Yay! he was so happy to see it framed after so many years.

The details:

My lovely guitar that Peter gave me that unfortunately has been neglected :-( I am determined to get back to playing that guitar this year (it's harder than I thought). Please excuse Porky's ball in the photo lol.

The map of Paris that I used to get me around the beautiful city. It's marked and crinkled and stained and I love it...because it didn't fail me.

An evil eye that fit perfectly in this little space

A lovely rosary our dear friends brought for us all the way from Italy.

Ah yes, and those are bullet shell casings I made a heart out of. Forgot where those came from. I think my dad got them from Mexico and I've had them laying around for so many years (I think I was a teenager). The mask I purchased at a market in Thailand and the Asian inspired print of the birds is from an old calendar.

Not on the wall, but candles make it all so cozy.

I loooove Capri Blue candles. We usually buy 'volcano', but I recently found 'Hibiscus Teakwood' and I just love the sweet floral scent. We usually get them at Anthropologie.

Once again, here is the wall...for now. Knowing me, I will change it again, and again.




  1. I love the wall! It is unique and different and holds so many of the things that you love and hold some meaning to you. I love your cherry blossom painting... I didn't know you painted! You do great work!

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