Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Missoni for Target

Super excited that Missoni has collaborated with Target and will be sold at Target stores September 13 thru October 22nd. This means, I will finally be able to afford this stuff (still wish I could afford the "real" stuff...it's gorgeous!!) So that first day, you can bet I will be at Target getting me some good ol' zig zag goodies....on my list so far: zig zag colorful plate for keys/note pad/pens for office, stationary, tumblers, throw, scarf, and we'll see what else I find. Below are a few photos I found of the collection for Target (apparently very little photos have been released). Check out the bike...very cool. Anybody else putting September 13th on their calendars too?




  1. Target would be the only place I could afford Missoni! This is the first I've heard of it. Will put it on my calendar. Thanks for the heads-up.


  2. I've been so busy with a recent move that I didn't know about Missoni at Target. Thanks for stopping my blog recently :) I think we have similar taste, looking forward to keeping up with you.