Monday, August 8, 2011

Candy Fun

Yesterday was my darling God-daughter Ella's dance recital (THREE-almost FOUR- HOUR LONG recital I should add) and I knew all of the other little dancers would be getting the typical bouquet of flowers, so I wanted to make her something different that she can actually keep (and eat haha). As you remember from HERE, I love rainbow yarn, and pretty much anything rainbow (again used for a gift for Ella). Tons of colors are so playful and perfect for summer. So here is what I did (sorry no pic of my God-daughter wearing it, was so excited to see her that I totally forgot to get a photo).

So I did end up putting in one little flower to spice it up:-) She loved it and of course started eating the candy immediately.




  1. This is absolutely adorable and a wonderful idea for her recital!!! I am sure Ella was thrilled!


    Art by Karena

  2. I absolutely love this! How sweet and what a great idea! You are very creative and I don't know of any little girl wouldn't be thrilled to get that!