Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fave Etsy Shop

I few weeks ago I went to one of my favorite local boutiques and saw a lovely dainty druzy necklace, but I just couldn't get myself to buy it for the price. I could not stop thinking about it so I went to my friend "Google" and he didn't fail me (as always, very trustworthy). Found THIS fabulous jewelry shop on Etsy...oh my, I'm obsessed. The shop owner, Julianne, is so sweet and made me the same necklace from the boutique upon request......and for a much better price. I used to make jewelry so I know when something is overpriced or priced just right, and Julianne's jewelry shop is priced just right.

I've been wearing my necklace everyday. I love how it sparkles.

I went over to the shop today to borrow photos and I saw this new beauty. Same stone, different shape. OOOH I WANT!!!!

Some other (from many) favorites.



{images via Julianne Blumlo on Etsy}

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  1. There are some truly talented people who have Etsy shops! You can spend days on Etsy's site and never get tired of all the beautiful creations out there!

    Most shop owners will try very hard to accommodate your request within reason. I'm glad you were able to find someone who could replicate the one you wanted.

    Have a great weekend!