Monday, October 1, 2012

Special Weekend Fun

Hello loves! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Saturday was a special day, my little cutie patoots of a niece was baptized. Not at any church, but at the incredible Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. I remember going when she first opened her doors and hadn't been since, so I was excited to be going again...and to an actual ceremony this time.

Here are a few photos I took while there.

So, are you wondering how a baptism is done here? Well, let me show you.

Girl got DUNKED!!!!

And she was not happy...

At all.

She was so upset, she stopped crying and it was a STARE DOWN with the priest.

Funny little one, isn't she?

And here she is all dry and dolled up, beautiful family. That's my sis.

So after that very interesting (and I must admit, entertaining) ceremony, we headed over to Olvera Street. I love Olvera street. We had lunch at Casa La Golondrina Mexican Cafe, which is a great Mexican restaurant (too bad for me I am still dealing with my oral surgery from last week, booo).

Then cruised the colorful, beautiful and historic Olvera Street.



{all images by me}

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  1. HAH HAH She does look MAD! The look she is giving the priest is hilarious. What a beautiful child! She looks adorable in her christening gown.

    Sorry to hear you are still suffering with the after effects of your oral surgery. Did you have to have stitches?