Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Worm.

I am seriously on the search for a book case. I need one BAD as my constant -on a whim- purchasing of books is getting ridiculous and my current book cases are over flowing. But I also just love the warmth and coziness a book case/shelves bring to a space. So, my hunt for book cases at yard sales and flea markets begins (I'd rather purchase an old one and give it my own makeover if needed).

My mom's shelves were in desperate need of a makeover. So I added a bright background and simply arranged her mementos and added some books. Would have added much more, but mom likes it simple. Here is a before:

and this is after:

Here is some inspiration:

I love how everything here is so perfectly disorganized :-) {Lonny Mag.}

Color coded. {Lonny Mag.}

Book shelves serve as a room divider.

Ugh....Looooove!!!! from the colors, to the photos displayed in front of stacks, to the bust, to how girly this space is...obsessed!

I love the little surprises found in between the books.

Double the pleasure.

Another room divider. {image found at Manhattan Nest}

The love of encyclopedias. We have a few at my parent's house that I refuse to get rid of, as requested several times by my mom. {via cotedetexas}

Little cubbies...perfect natural patina (and notice the stripes...I like) {via furniture harvest blog}

All in order. {found at}

Or the cluttered look. Which I actually prefer myself. I like the cozy and charming feel this gives. {found at}

Old books are sooo cool. The binds, colors, sturdiness...just not made like that anymore. I love the whimsical feel of this space. {via}

White = pretty. {via}

I will keep you posted on my hunt for the perfect book case ;-)

Happy Monday!!



OH, and meet Jack...the newest member to the Fur Bunch :-)

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