Thursday, January 6, 2011


are not only for Zebras

or jailbirds

I've been obsessed with stripes lately

and am loving stripes in the home too. Check out all of these fabulous ideas how and where stripes can be used to give your space a little oomph:-)

Absolutely loving the white and rustic wood stripe floor {image via House Beautiful}

The horizontal stripes along this kitchen are perfect. I really like the color combo.

Wow!!! {designer Jim Lambie}

Nate Berkus on Elle Mag..Love!!!

A calm patina with subtle white and grey stripes. {via House Beautiful}

Ooooh I want to be in this room. Loving the blue and white rug...and the swing chair (I want).

Very bold and eclectic...mixing stripes with animal prints.

Stripes can spice up an elegant, classic room {via Country Living}

Talk about making an entrance. {via House Beautiful}

I love how a simple canvas (or piece of plywood) painted with stripes can do for a room:-) Love this!!{via Elle Decor}

Bold rug..classic black and white is beautiful!

Lonely chair...not so lonely. {via Elle Decor}

How unique are these stripes on the ceiling? Love, but must be a lot of work. {via Elle Decor}

Bohemian vibe! {via apartment therapy}

Cozy country style {via Country Living}

I love mixing different patterns...such as pillows, rugs, and fabrics. {via Elle Decor}

Mix of patterns here again {via House Beautiful}

Another splash of stripes. {via Elle Decor}


Pretty bed. {via Living Etc.}

I just love this kid's room {via Living etc}

Hope this has inspired you to wear, paint, or buy something with stripes ;-)



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