Monday, April 4, 2011

Bedside Writing Tables

So we have decided on a Navy Blue accent wall (from yesterday's post)...and now we are deciding on furniture. What will be salvaged and re-painted, what will be donated, and where it will be placed.. I love the idea of having a writing table in the bedroom (and so does my friend Yay!) My dear friend is hoping to go back to school, so what better than to have a desk in her "new" room for those future all-nighters (yikes). These interiors with writing tables/desks are perfect. I'm hoping to find a perfect one for my friend as well.

{found at decor8blog}

{found at}

{via LiveLikeYou Blog}

{Robert Passal}

{Ruffalo Vanity via Domino}

{Betsy Burnham}

{Wendy Haworth}

{Jay Jeffers}

{Via HGTV}

{via Domino}

{Jay Jeffers}

I also wanted to include this on my blog today. Read it and made me smile, but also made my heart feel heavy. What a cutie Charlie is with a heart of gold. My best wishes go to Charlie and his family.

Check out La Maison Boheme for more information and to find out how you can help.



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  1. Loving that Jay Jeffers one with the whimsical bird wallcovering...Love that even the reflection in the mirror allows for uninterrupted continuation of the motif! Little details like that make the best designs dontcha agree? :D Awesome collection, thanks for sharing!


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