Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Sneak Peek

So things are finally coming together for my friend's bedroom. I think the hardest part of redecorating a bedroom (or any room) for the first time ever since childhood is discovering that most of us (and I do speak for myself here) are hoarders. I can not believe how much stuff we accumulate throughout the years. My friend was telling me (Sorry Cristina but I have to mention this because I thought it was so funny) that she even found some lunch tickets...yes LUNCH TICKETS from High School in her clutter...and we graduated over 10 years ago. LOL. I had to motivate my friend a few times, because to be honest having to de-clutter and the thought of having to clear out everything to start fresh can be so overwhelming and discouraging. BUT she is so happy to have done so, it's a breath of fresh air and such a good feelings, makes the headaches all worth it. So anyway, here is what we accomplished this weekend. This is definitely not done as there are still so many things that need to be added, like a bedside writing table, roman natural shades, window treatments need to be done, and most importantly it still needs to be personalized with accessories and those special little touches that will complete the room. I wanted to share how it is coming along, so here it is.

BEFORE (I know, OH DEAR!!)

AFTER: Chose a navy blue on one wall and the rest white. And yes, we still need to put a bed skirt on that bed :-)

Another after:

BEFORE: (got rid of this big thing)

Oh look!!! It's a window that was being blocked by that enormous clutter machine...more natural light, YAY!!! This is where the writing table will go. We are hoping to score on an old one like at Goodwill, a flea market, or even a yard sale and paint it orange. The chair will have a cushion made out of the black and white stripe fabric that you see on the chair.

So I wanted to make a headboard for my friend that would be simple, yet make a statement.

Here it is almost done, just needs to be lightly stained.

And this is what it looks like all finished. I love how the wood looks against the navy blue walls and all white bedding. (oops, just noticed that it's off centered lol told you we weren't quite finished)

So we settled for white drapes...I say settle because we really wanted a white and orange pattern that would give a WOW factor to the room and compliment the blue walls. BUT we couldn't find any, so I figured white would have to do (plus they were 20 buckaroos at Ikea per pair, not bad huh?).

And since I am all about detail (and actually couldn't really just settle on plain white curtains)I decided to add orange pom pom trim to the inside edges. Really make a difference, doesn't it?

So this is it for now {sorry for the crappy photos, didn't have my good camera with me.} I can't wait for it to be completely done. Stay tuned.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.




  1. LOVE the headboard - what a great DIY! And I love the detailing you added to the curtains - that makes such a difference, doesn't it? Beautiful! What a good friend you are to help her out, too!

  2. Great idea for the headboard. Love the navy wall.

  3. I would have never thought of navy blue walls but it works. Having moved from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment, I know how hard it is to part with things you love and have collected over the years or shall I say collected dust! Even now, I still struggle to get rid of things but as you say making room for the new makes it all worth it!

    You are a great friend.


  4. I do enjoy a black wall!!

    That headboard was such a great idea.

  5. Are those pillows from IKEA...I have some similar ones that are so pretty.

  6. Hi Mary Ann...yup they sure are. I have some too from like 5+ years ago, maybe you and I have the same ones. These here are their latest them.