Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tangerine Nudes

I had a shopping filled long weekend...and loved every minute of it. Thankfully I cleaned out my closet during the week in order to fill it again with new and improved clothes and shoes. Although I am an "always wear black" type of girl, I found myself totally gravitating towards bright colors, specifically tangerine, and nudes. Here is a little "vignette" I created of some of the things I bought over the weekend...Nude Blazer H&M $50 (@ South Coast Plaza)
Marc By Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo $300 (@ Kitson in Malibu)
Christian Louboutin pumps $595 (@ South Coast Plaza) (ok I didn't really buy these, but tried them on, loved them, thought about it, loved them some more, and then decided I would hold off on these *sigh*)
And isn't Sarah Jessica Parker just gorgeous in that dress?? Love!

Here are some other tangerine nudes I added to my newly organized closets...

Nina Striped Linen Sweater, J.Crew $88 (@ J.Crew Malibu)

Blazer, Zara $80 (@ South Coast Plaza)

Nude Pleated Trousers, Zara $40 (@ South Coast Plaza)

Tangerine Cardigan, Gap $55 (@ 2nd St. Belmont Shore)

Nude Slouch Jacket, Gap $70 (@ 2nd St. Belmont Shore)

I'm so obsessed with tangerine right now that even my nails are a tangerine like color (Cute as a button by essie).

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and Easter:-) Off to a new week at a new job...wish me luck (hence the good excuse for shopping, wink wink)



P.S. And I have to thank my honey for being ever so patient with me and brutally honest when asking for his opinion when trying clothes on (his facial expressions are classic haha) saves me from looking like a fool. Love you sweetie pie :-)

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  1. I love the tangerines. What great style you have er..your husband? HA I'm sure you will dazzle them in your new job.

    Where will you be working?

    Wishing you a great day in your new job!