Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paris Photography

I am really, really itching for a vacation. I was hoping to make it a yearly tradition on May 16th to leave for a wonderful trip. Two years ago on this day, I left for a very memorable trip to South America, can be seen HERE HERE, and HERE. Three years ago also on May 16, I left for Europe. Last year I wasn't able to go on vacation because I had just started a new job, and well, had about zero vacation time. This year just came too fast to even plan a vacation. Total bummer, would have loved to have left on the same day every year to experience and explore another little piece of the world. Hmm, so many places I would love to visit next...Prague, Budapest, London, India (would be my ultimate trip), South of France...and of course, Paris again. And since I am dreaming of are a few photos from my trip to Paris in 2009 (also went to Spain, but I will share those another time...I'm pooped from going through all of my Europe photos). So, here is a bit from my love for travel and photography. Enjoy.
View from the little hotel where we stayed. HOTEL de la PLACE des VOSGES. In the perfect location, in lovely district of Marais.
This photo was taken at 9 p.m. The sun was just setting and it was such a beautiful sight...probably my favorite of all 500 photos I took in Paris. This was hangs on my wall photo gallery in my office.
Ah Yes! The spectacular Eiffel tower. This was the very first place we went to when we arrived in the evening. Perfect timing, the lights went on when we arrived. Sparkle!!!!
A view from the street outside the hotel, this one of the tunnel that goes into the Place des Vosges.
Inside the Louvre.
Eiffel tower...almost there. We walked from the hotel to the eiffel tower on this, what a walk it was. Magical city.
Cute fruit stand right outside of out hotel.
Adorable cafe we found exploring the city.
Candles inside Notre Dame
How perfect is this? As we were leaving, there just so happen to be a "par-tay" happening, excuse me, an elegant ball I should say. It was way cool to see people dressed up going into the palace.
Jardin du Luxembourg
Last photo I took in Paris.
So there you have it...Paris! Are you dreaming too? Do you have any vacations planned? Where would you love to travel to? XoXo, Iris


  1. i want to go to paris too. awesome photography!

  2. going to san francisco for the long weekend. I have been to Japan and I loved it there. I have been to New York, New Jersey, Washington, Texas, Nevada, several different places here in Cali. But my heart has always been set in New York. I dream of visiting Brazil, London, and Paris. I would love to go to Australia, Canada Germany, Italy, Panama, and Rome. Someday....

  3. No plans for a vacation here but I have many memories of trips that were taken several years ago at different times. Unfortunately, I did not take my camera and have no photos.

    We went to Paris on a return flight from Zurich, Switzerland. I loved it so much and I still hope to go back sometime in the future. We have spent time in England, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and France. Sigh....I love Europe!

  4. SO funny - just a few days ago I was dreaming about Paris and actually posted about it on my blog! I need to force myself to get away ... somewhere, anywhere, at least once a year!
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