Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pretty Gift Wrap

Whenever I get the chance (time) I like to wrap my gifts rather than take the lazy route, known as "stuff-it-in-a-bag-and-done." Trust me, I have stuffed gifts in bags many many times, but wrapping is just so much more personal and special. I often go over to Oh Happy Day blog for great ideas on, well, just about anything. I loooove Jordan's must check out her blog. Anyway, I recently wrapped this lovely gift for a good friend of mine. I love calla lilies and this was so easy to put together. Sorry I don't have the step-by-step, but go here to see how these paper beauties are made.
{photos by me}. XoXo, Iris


  1. I'm with you on gift wrapping and I think the wrapping is as important as the gift is. The presentation makes a world of difference to the person receiving it.

    I love to add special touches to gifts I wrap. When I receive an order from my Etsy Shop, I always wrap it with really pretty tissue paper, a white tissue paper with a gold fleur de lis or a pretty black and cream toile. I then add a piece of navy twine that is wrapped around the package and then tied. I also use an antique mother of pearl button that I have looped through the holes of the button and tied into a sweet little bow.

    It makes for a lovely wrap and I can't tell you the number of people who have commented and said they almost didn't want to open it because of the wrapping.

  2. I love calla lilies too, and your wrapping is very nice. Thank you for visiting us and following Red Rose Alley. I see that we have alot of the same interests. If you love travel, stop by on Friday to see our Paris post. Your blog is lovely and filled with simplicity, which I appreciate. Have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley