Saturday, May 12, 2012

Small is the New Big

I like to pick up my July/August 2010 issue of House Beautiful when I need a little inspiration. You see, the "Beach Shack" aka, "the Sugar Shack" as Peter likes to call it, is T-I-N-Y, and this HB issue features "is small the new big" with several tiny places that are -oh so fabulously- decorated. I often get stuck on what to do with the place, often complaining that if I had more space, it would look nicer...but looking at these images totally inspire me and remind me that 2 humans + 2 dogs in a tiny place is not THAT's cozy.
My favorite, designer David Kaihoi's East Village apartment where he lives with his wife and child.Absolutely beautiful. Oh,and it's 390 sq. ft.
Love the deep purple velvet used in the corner banquette. Space used for dining area and to host guests by folding up the dining table.
Floor-to-cieling stunning bookcase. Total elegance. Notice the corner banquette is just to the right?
Lovely bedroom. Hand painted, patched, 18th century Chinese wallpaper. Their little girl's bed slides from under the big bed. Perfect.
Closet was painted using Tulip Red by Fine paints of Europe. His and hers clothes and a stackable washer/dryer inside.
Tiny kitchen appears bigger with the use of mirrors, black marble, and high gloss Bottle Green by Fine Paints of Europe for the cabinets.
Now on to a stunning studio, at 450 sq.ft, in Gramercy Park belonging to design consultant Ellen O'Neil.
So romantic and cozy. I love the black and white throughout.
OK, so if they can do it, we can too..right? The only downside is that, unlike these NY apartments that were purchased, we painting walls a dark color, or demo-ing and re-building certain areas are not options. But, nonetheless, I have lots of plans to spruce up the place...we'll see how it goes. I tend to be a first things Hope you are all having a beautiful weekend. XoXo, Iris


  1. I love that tiny colorful apartment! Proves that the tiniest place can be your castle!

  2. It is so cute! Can you even imagine living in a space that small? They have done a beautiful job!

    My place could use a good de-cluttering too!