Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When it comes to decor, I prefer white, ALL white, with some bold accessories like a vintage suzani, bright pillows, or a gorgeous colorful kilim rug. But I do love me some black too, especially in clothes. I have just recently started buying some bright tops, but usually wear black...or all white in the summer. I guess it's safe to say my favorite colors are black and white, haha can you tell :-) Anyway, I last posted about black walls HERE and wanted to share some more spaces I am loving that use the ever so elegant color black. Again, would you dare paint your walls black?

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  1. Not on your life!!! I once visited a woman who had painted her living room black and orange!!!! It was something right out of a Halloween movie. She LOVED it. It was depressing to me and of course you know how I am not a fan of orange.

    Humm, I wonder if that could be why?