Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pretty "Oo--cake"

I hope everyone is enjoying what is left of the weekend. About to watch a movie, like I usually do on Sundays (oh, how I love you Netflix), but just quickly have to share this image of this cake. It's the Oreo Olallieberry Chocolate Layer Cake from Desserts for Breakfast. Isn't is just beautiful?? And it looks so so delicious. I am so tempted to try the recipe...and of course add the gold glitter for glamour (I just want to add gold glitter on everything now) :-)

Check out more amazing foods at Dessert for Breakfast...I can spend hours staring at all of the pretty foods on this blog. Stephanie does an incredible job! Talk about talent.




  1. Oh wow, You mean that this is served for breakfast? Waking up to that sure beats eating my daily yogurt!

  2. Not just god looking, delicious too