Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's a Beautiful Blog World

Can anybody else spend hours on the web? Browsing at everything that is right at our fingertips? I remember the day when I first heard the term "surfing the web" and thought "what the heck is that?" I hate to wonder what it would be like to ever go back to those days, not even owning a computer...let alone a phone with internet. Too many beautiful things and people that we would miss out on, right? Here are some of my favorite blog eye candy....enjoy!

Lauren..oh Lauren, the reason I started blogging. Love her blog, her style...ah yes, a lovely blog.

You must check out the Enchanted Home....I am living vicariously through this blog. She is building an amazing home and showing every step of the way. It is actually done, only a few more minor details, like decorating and it will be done. How exciting.

Love Jill's blog and her designs are so colorfully beautiful. This girl is fearless!!!

For a little (actually a whole lot) of fashion inspiration, I love to check out Kelly's blog. She is stunning and puts together her style so effortlessly.

And I just recently discovered Edie over at Grace in Life. Wow! Her home is just so beautiful...but it didn't come easy, she lost her previous home to a fire and after a little blood, sweat, and tears...and a whole lot of family love, they re-built. Her office/work space is my absolute favorite.

I am also hooked on Holly's blog...she finds the "ugliest" furniture and creates beautiful pieces, mostly in white. So dreamy.

Obsessed with Amber's designs. We share the same style and I am super excited that she is opening up shop. Oh I can only imagine all of the beautiful, colorful things she will be having in her shop. Like these pillows.

And finally, need the best little DIY ideas? Check out Oh Happy Day. AND....Jordan and her lovely family is living in Paris right now (from San Fran)...lucky :-)

And these are only a few;-)




  1. Very inspiring blogs! And yes, you are right...without the Internet and phone where would we be? Think of all the blog friends we wouldn't know!

  2. I can't tell you how many blogs I visit every day for inspiration! What would we do without them?!

  3. Still my favorite blog!