Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's Go to Church!!!!

I love the idea of having a church pew in the home. A beautiful bench from a special place...perfect! But, you know how I am about things having to be original, vintage, antique,, you won't hear/see me having a new one made to look like a church pew. It HAS to be one that actually came from inside a church (yes, one that had thousands of butts sit on it lol). To me, it just makes it more special and unique, one that makes you wonder how many prayers were prayed, sins confessed, cheerful applauds for a happy couple, or tears shed for a loved one.
The question is, how do I get a church pew? I need to make some friends from church (first thing, gotta start attending church I guess ha!)

Check out the inspiration...

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  1. So many great ideas and inspiration here! I am loving how everything seems to feel very clean and crisp... xx

  2. I just learned about your blog and I am so happy that I did. So inspirational. You def have a new supporter in me!


  3. You know, I love the look of benches and pews. I especially love the look in place of chairs on one side of a table with chairs on each end and the other side.

    Good luck finding an original pew that isn't in use. LOL LOL So many butts so little time! LOL

  4. We just did a bench re-do and didn't know what exactly I wanted to do above it now I do ....Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hi Iris, love church pews, have used them in interiors in the past. Have only one question...why are they all so uncomfortable??

  6. you have a great selection here !

  7. Same here, Miss Iris! I actually purchased two pieces from this particular store that has a wonderful selection of church pews. I sanded, repainted, and changed the fabric on both. I placed one in our entry way and the other one in our kitchen. You should totally check it out!

    Earnestine Kettering