Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Sunday!!

Hello on this lovely Sunday. Had a very stressful week, with car problems that just made me want to run out and impulsively buy a new car, but a few hundred (eek) dollars later, no more problems...for now. I think 10 years and 178,000 miles is a good enough excuse to get a new car (oh but I am so emotionally attached, not to mention how nice it is not to have a car payment).
Anyway, I am hoping to get in a little relaxation in today, but first I will be painting the closet over at my future baby niece's nursery (I guess that can be relaxing too). Good thing it's just an itty bitty of a closet. I was inspired by this to paint the closet. And yes, I will attempt to use a potato too :-)

Wanted to leave you all with this beautiful (random) image that I found recently of this lovely buffet. It's perfect.

What are you all doing today?

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  1. OUCH! Even though the few hundred dollars (and I say few) doesn't seem like much, it can put a crimp in your wallet. I also have had cars paid for that I hated to get rid of because of age, repairs and or an extra car payment again! Once you get used to not having a car payment, it takes a while to get use to forking over the money.

    I once painted two walk-in bedroom closets and it took me longer to do that than it did to paint a small bedroom!!! Not to mention, having very little room to move around and all the angles. Good luck and happy painting!

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. So sorry about your car trouble -- that is the worst!
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