Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lovely Forts

Did anybody else love hanging a blanket across two chairs as a kid? I loooooved doing that...hiding out...pretending to have my own little place:-) I found some fort inspiration (for both small kiddos and big kids like me) that I just had to share. Brings back sweet memories.

What a romantic and whimsical little space. Perfect.

As if not obsessed with stripes enough. Such a cool fort.

And the same person who made the above...made this too. I would love this for a garden party. Get more inspiration HERE.

Love the navajo feel of this one. Beautiful pattern.

So my style. Perfect for a fun girls day filled with mani/pedi's, henna tattoos, moscato, and good laughs.

Simply Lovely!

Total cuteness...loving this in a little boys room.

This would be my adult version if I had one. Would love to blog from here. Hm, there's an idea.

And finally, How adorable is this idea? I love it.



(images via circus bandit, See Jane Blog, a well travelled woman, escapade blog, vintage rose garden, frank features, poppy talk, little lovables}


  1. Boy do I ever! With 8 other siblings we were forever making forts and haunted houses! HA I love the image that looks bohemian with all the bright colors and the white teepee with all the pillows. I wonder if at my age I can still crawl into one like that now! HA

  2. so cute! i used to do that ALL the time as a kid! these pictures are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the first image