Thursday, June 14, 2012

Project Inspiration Week...The Big(er) Bench

Hello lovelies, today is about the big bench. I don't have a photo of the bench I plan to re-do because it's buried in books that will hopeful be in a bookcase soon. So I am planning to upholster it and tuft it...yes, tuft. Found many great tutorials on-line and it seems fairly simple, so I am feeling pretty confident (trying to convince myself here, but I really am clueless about this). Still deciding on the tufting style...2 or 3 rows? All in a row or in diamond shape? Here is a little bit of inspiration.

Happy Tufting



{images via Christonium, Honey & Fitz, Indulgy, Decor Pad, Atlanta Homes}

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  1. Ooh, I have never tufted anything because I've always thought it would be very difficult to do. I have upholstered chair seats and benches though and find it very easy to do. I'm so excited to see how yours turns out!

    How's that sweet little niece of yours?

    Have a wonderful weekend! :)