Monday, June 11, 2012

Project Inspiration Week...The Trunk

Hello...Happy Week. I have so so many projects I want to get done by the next few weeks, but I should say that end of the year is probably more realistic for me. I am going to try really hard to post the inspiration for each of my projects this week. I need to get on it...and where better to start than with some eye catching pretty inspiration to get the motivation juices flowing.

So the first of the projects that I want to get done is to re-do this trunk that we found last year at a flea market and replace our current coffee table with this. It's pretty beat up...totally have to tackle the inside (pretty much cover with velvet fabric..thinking black), then I have to add wood to the bottom of the trunk as the original one if about to give. So this is where I am totally torn...was initially thinking of painting it white with the hardware either gold or silver, then I wanted to silver or gold leaf the top and have a glass made to cover top to use as the coffee table (will place the glass regardless.)

BUT then I came across all of this inspiration....and I am kinda loving the natural/original look. I don't know now. I look at my trunk and it just looks dirty to me in it's original state...but then other days I love it. Oh what to do. Would love any ideas on this. Ugh...loving black with gold too. Oh boy, decisions, decisions.

THEN I saw this too...look beyond the hot guy the T.V. stand. Very cool to use the trunk as a T.V. stand. Hmm, actually now that I think of it, we bought the trunk originally for the T.V. Wonder what happen to that idea. lol. But T.V. stand will be later this week as another project.

So please help...what do you all think? Paint white? Paint black? Clean it up and leave original? Gold leaf/silver leaf? Oh, and I probably should mention that I just bought a black and white chevron rug that I plan to put under the trunk.



{images via delight by design, the little corner.tumblr, housetohome, Elle Decor, Design Sponge (Peppermint Bliss), thepursuitaesthetic, Apartment therapy, Pinterest}


  1. Iris,

    I really don't know what to tell you. Both ideas sound lovely but for me personally, I think I would give it a really good clean and buff it with some wax. I think re-covering the insides with a nice velvet and fixing the bottom would be nice as well then you can use it for storage too.

    I have several projects that I want to work on but just haven't had the energy to get started. Maybe when you start your project it will give me the get up and go to get started! :)

    It's a gorgeous trunk...I love it!

  2. I think trunk as a TV stand is kinda weird because then you can't open it.

    I like the black and gold! Just feels more classic to me than white. Also gold leaf is the devil. Just sayin...

    1. Very good point on the tv stand...we do need it for storage. The devil? Haha thanks for the heads up.

  3. What a cool trunk. I think you should give it a good cleaning, reinforce the bottom, cover the inside if you think it needs help and then call it good. I love the original look of trunks. My mama has one in her home as a coffee table. She had a piece of glass cut and sanded to fit the top, but that wouldn't be necessary with yours because it looks pretty flat on top already. There's my two cents! I can't wait to see the finished product!