Sunday, September 23, 2012

Emmy's 2012 Fashion

Love me a red carpet. Anybody else catch the red carpet for the Emmys? So many lovely dresses. Here are some of my favorite. I have to say, one of my faves was Kelly Osbourne...stunning!!!! Loving the purple on her, she really looks amazing.

{click on the images to enlarge}

And yes, can you tell I LOVED Nicole Kidman's dress? Absolutely gorgeous.

Still looking for photos of my other favorites, like Leslie Mann and Lucy Liu.




  1. I didn't watch the Emmy's, I'll have to get online and check out photos tomorrow. My favorite dress was the purple that Kelly Osbourne wore. She does look amazing!

    Hope you are feeling better after your trip to the dentist. My wisdom teeth were impacted and had to be surgically removed. I couldn't eat regular food for a month! It was a horrible experience. I became dentist shy after that! HAH

  2. i cannot get over how amazing kelly osbourne looks!
    i hope you had a great weekend!

    xo brie

  3. this is crazy, you and i are so related. you should go see my blog!!!!