Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yard Sale Lamp Before & After

Hello loves. Had a great weekend, slept in BIG time every single day of my 4 day weekend, but still managed to get lots done, like some of the many mini projects on my to-do list. Let me share one of them. This one is of a $5 lamp I found at a yard sale a while back.

Here it is Before

and After

I originally wanted to get a white lamp shade for it, but haven't found the right now yet. So I decided to paint it with black paint, chalk board paint that is. Was working on another project with it and said "what the heck?!" so I did. Kinda liking it.

I used Behr Ultra's Formal garden. Asked for a sample size since I knew I wouldn't be needing too much for this lamp and it was a lot cheaper too (I actually still have a lot left over from the sample).

And I am pretty pleased with the results. The brightness in the color is perfect and gives the living room a nice pop of color. Unfortunately it has to go on top of that stupid cable box for now, I hate that thing (right about now is when the babe would say "oh but you sure like to watch your reality shows....and he's right, I do). Anyway, I'm sure I will rearrange things a few times, and then again and again, because that is what I do.

Ah, and here is her majesty, my sweet monkey with the hanging boobs. Should be hanging up higher so the T.V. doesn't bleep out the boobs, but been lazy to do it so for now, she goes hiding behind the t.v. where I love to watch reality shows in cable that I wish came in an invisible box.

Any fun before and afters in the works out there?




  1. It does add a nice pop of color to the room! I never would have thought of painting the lamp shade with chalkboard paint. I like the money painting, it think it add a bit of whimsey which I always think is a good thing to do. :) I'm with you on the cable box...I hate them too!!! :)

  2. You've got an eye for sure! The green lamp all of a sudden looks so chic! Good work, girl!

    Happy Wednesday (aka halfway to the weekend), beautiful!

    Holly Foxen Wells