Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vintage Nursery Love

It's almost the weekend and I am super excited to attend the baby shower of one of my dearest friends. Can't wait to see the nursery she and her handy hubs created. I sent her some ideas, got together with them and talked more ideas, and they decided to go with the all American vintage airplane theme (the runner up theme was nautical).

In going through my nursery inspiration archives, I came across this beauty of a vintage nursery. Had completely forgotten I had saved this. This nursery belongs to the adorable baby of Daphne from Candy Shop Vintage. It was featured over at Apartment Therapy earlier this year, so yes I am sure you all have probably seen it...but take a look again, because it is so worth it. Very dramatic and unique in every way, but not so overwhelming. Just perfect.



{Check out the rest of the nursery and source list over at Apartment Therapy}


  1. Beautiful nursery! I'm in love with the B & B circus photo and the hot air balloon mobile over the crib. :)

  2. The red nursery is so sweet. I've never seen red before in a baby's room, but this one is perfect.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley