Sunday, September 2, 2012

Green Kitchen

I love plants, have on in every room, and I have three in the kitchen. I just think plants make a home cozier. Adding a plant to any room will instantly change it. Thought I'd share some pictures of kitchens with plants (some are over kill, but I still thought they were pretty cool). I especially love the hanging plant over the window in this first image.



{images via meggielynne.tumblr, bjonesstyle, lamaisondannag, Southern Living, brunchatsaks blogspot, kitchen-renovations blogspot}


  1. I love plants hanging in a window. I used to have a Boston and Asparagus fern hanging in my dining room windows. They were so pretty and green. There wasn't a lot of direct sun just direct light and they grew beautifully especially the Asparagus fern, it hung down to the floor!! :)

  2. Be still my heart!! Plants in the home make me happy. I was a few little succulents in our kitchen window and I love them!

  3. Hello Iris! I agree, I think plants add warmth and character to a home. The examples you picked are perfect, I especially like the little olive (?) trees in the terracotta pots. So Mediterranean! Happy Monday and cheers from London! Will

  4. I am usually not a fan of plants inside the house....The problem is most people either don't know how to take care of their real plants or don't dust their fake ones. But these pictures are fabulous and use the greenery very well! :)


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  5. The image remind of Jamie Oliver, he plant his own kitchen ingredients.