Monday, July 30, 2012

Insta Weekend +

Kisses and snuggles with my sweet niece, morning cuddles with my furry babies, walks on the beach, on the Dexter set, and wild prints made up my weekend. It was fabulous. And the perfect weather didn't hurt either. Eek, am I addicted to instagram lol. I love capturing life's pretty little things.

Speaking of Instagram, I just discovered Parker & Rain. I am loving their trays. I need one bad and am loving these prints. Hm, decisions decisions. Which one would you choose? Check them out on Etsy.

And just a few other Instagram discoveries I am obsessed with:




Come and be obsessed with me. Thanks to Instagram, I am never bored ha!

Happy Week!




  1. I was just thinking about your niece the other day! She is adorable...would you look at that sweet lil' smile on her face! It sounds like you are having a great summer!

    I haven't gotten into Instagram yet, what with FB, Pinterest, Tumbir, and my blog I am wore out! HA