Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pretty cool New York Condo

I came across this pretty darn cool (probably not my style, but still cool) New York condo recently. Let me show you what is so darn cool.

See the wall with the windows?

See it going up now?

And it's gone! A large opening for fresh air and beautiful greenery? How cool is this? I love it. It's described as a convertible 2 bedroom triplex. Sorry, but for those of you who were getting ready to write a 2 million dollar check, hate to break to you, but it is no longer available.

And here is the rest of the condo. A little too modern for me, but with a little bohemian touch, a load of ferns and other greeneries, and some funky art work on the walls would make this condo a bit more cozy.



{images from here}


  1. wow. these pictures are amazing! thanks for the sweet comment lovely! following you back xx

  2. I'm following, love these photos and i'll move right in. Thanks fro sharing.

  3. How refreshing! Whew! I am so delighted that there is wonderful good taste still alive and kicking in this world! Kudos to the designer and interior designer of this place. :)

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  4. Wow! That condo unit looks absolutely marvelous! It spells modernity and class. Despite the smallness of the space, the designer was able to maximize it beautifully. Every piece looks chic and tasteful.

  5. I definitely agree with Lakisha. The place looks fantastic. Every element in the space fits perfectly with the overall design. And even though it has a touch of modernity, the bohemian twist in the space creates an interesting contrast. But what’s surprising is how all these fit in such a limited space. The ingenious architecture and the smart design makes all this possible.