Friday, July 13, 2012

iomoi Awesomeness

Hello lovelies. Happy weekend. I had some serious spare time at the office today (if you follow my Instagram you will see), So I started searching for an awesome lucite tray and came across THIS website that is full of...well pure awesomeness. I just about gasped with every single item. The trays are to die for. iomoi is sooo my style. Colorful, unique, and quirky. And there are tons of different styles to choose from.

These are a few of my favorite designs for the lucite trays (which also come in tortoise).

Lacquer trays


Iphone cases

And lastly, these adorable coasters. They come in a small lucite box, or you can just purchase the refills. Love

Oh, what to buy...decisions, decisions. Check it out for yourself, mad loads of more awesomeness.



{all images by iomoi}


  1. Gorgeous trays and stationery! Love the monkeys with the umbrellas tray and the elephant with umbrellas and fans stationery. A~D~O~R~A~B~L~E. :)